If you're in the market for a new home, why not consider a seaside town? Edinburgh and the East Lothian area host lots of coastal spots, which offer beautiful views and fresh air, and bring a myriad of health and lifestyle benefits which can significantly enhance your quality of life. This post will delve into the benefits of seaside living and why it may be the best decision for your next home investment.

The Benefits of Living by the Sea

Physical Health Benefits                  

Living by the sea means breathing in fresh, clean air every day. Seaside towns typically have lower pollution levels, offering a healthier environment for you and your family. Additionally, the sea offers plenty of opportunities for physical activities, from swimming and surfing to beach running and cycling. These activities keep you fit and also add variety to your exercise routine.

For example, in Portobello there are many wild swimming groups that get together regularly to enjoy a dip in the North Sea. Soul Water Sauna offer community sessions, where locals can go for a dip and then return to the cozy confines of their portable sauna. Alternatively, Dunbar is one of the best places to surf in Scotland, with Belhaven Surf Centre forming Coast to Coast Surf School to teach local residents the art surfing.

Mental Health Benefits

The sea also has a calming effect on the mind, and research has shown that living near natural environments can improve your mood and mental health. The soothing sounds of the waves and the sight of the vast, open waters can significantly lower stress levels, and the natural beauty of the sea and the surrounding landscapes provide an environment conducive to relaxation and mindfulness.

In many of the seaside towns of East Lothian, meditation groups have formed to get members of the community together to engage in some calming practices to help locals relax and absorb the beauty of their surroundings. For example, Angela at Satanama Yoga offers seasonal workshops across East Lothian, focusing on gentle movement and breath work, and from May to September she offers yoga classes by the beach to help people exercise mindfulness and presence.

Social Benefits

Seaside towns are often close-knit communities with plenty of opportunities for social activities. Along with the physical activities that we have already discussed, seaside towns tend to host regular social gatherings such community clean-ups and local festivals, and so you'll find plenty of occasions to meet your neighbours and make new friends. This sense of community also encourages a safe environment to raise children and pets, as locals typically look out for each other.

In Portobello there are lots of community groups that encourages locals to make new connections. For example, Tribe Porty supports the local community in work, art and quality of life, whereby they offer affordable work spaces and co-working opportunities, as well as running multi disciplinary creative projects. In August, North Berwick hosts the award winning festival Fringe by the Sea, which aspires to bring like minded people together to enjoy the spectacular displays from East Lothians thriving arts community.

Fringe by the Sea 2023 - https://www.fringebythesea.com

Considering a Seaside Home: What to Look For

When considering a seaside home, look for the type of community, and what activities and amenities are available.

Are there good schools nearby?

For example, North Berwick continues to rank highly in the Scottish Secondary School League Tables.

Are there good transport links nearby?

For example, the following seaside towns and villages have a train station, which enables locals to travel in to Edinburgh in under 30 minutes.

  • Musselburgh.
  • Wallyford.
  • Prestonpans.
  • Londniddry.
  • Drem.
  • North Berwick.
  • East Linton.
  • Dunbar.

Additional factors like this will often contribute to your overall living experience.

Our Current Seaside Properties:

Coulters currently have numerous properties on the market in the coastal areas of Edinburgh and East Lothian. Below we have listed a variety of homes that may catch your eye if you are looking to make the move and start living your best seaside lifestyle!

Make sure to click the photo to view the full property.

2 Wedderburn Court, Inveresk, EH21 7TU

5 bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms / 4 Public Rooms

Offers Over £950,000

13G Melbourne Place, North Berwick, EH39 4JR

2 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom / 2 Public Rooms

Offers Over £275,000

21 Hope Lane North, Portobello, Edinburgh, EH15 2PT

3 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom / 2 Public Rooms

Offers Over £565,000

18 Muirfield Crescent, Gullane, EH31 2HN

3 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom / 2 Public Rooms

Offers Over £300,000

66 Gilbert Avenue, North Berwick, EH39 4EA

3 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom / 1 Public Room

Offers Over £260,000

Eelburn House, 11 Westerdunes Park, North Berwick, EH39 5HJ

5 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms / 2 Public Rooms

Offers Over £1,200,000