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The Oat Milk Index

Although your choice of milk and the location of your new home might seem completely unrelated, the Oat Milk Index suggests otherwise.

Whether you opt for an oat-milk latte, soy flat white or almond milk tea, it’s not just a steamy, strong start to your day. Café culture and the growing popularity of dairy alternatives can actually indicate some of the most upcoming and trendy spots in Edinburgh and East Lothian.

As more people opt for dairy-free and plant-based alternatives, our favourite local and independent coffee shops are starting to ride the plant-based-wave, adding oat and almond milk to the menu. Areas, where the local cafes provide these options, are considered some of the most upcoming, soon-to-be high-demand, spots. So, if you’re planning a move, here are some of the oat-milk-sipping spots to keep in mind, and some of the best cafes:

North Berwick – the brilliant and beautiful coastline continues to be in high-demand amongst families seeking an escape from city living. Of course, the surrounding areas of Musselburgh and Prestonpans might be more budget-friendly, with similar amenities and are home to some family-favourite cafes, such as Lucas and the Bistro at Brunton Hall, and yes – they both have oat milk.

Portobello – another coastal favourite. Homes in Portobello and Joppa were in high demand with couples and families over the past year, sale prices sky-rocketing above home report value. With loads of local coffee shops to choose from, such as the popular Tanifiki and The Beach House, both have a variety of dairy alternatives on the menu.

Edinburgh – Looking for a central spot? Try Duddingston or Prestonfield, predicted to be the next cream of the crop.

Something to think about when you next pop into your local coffee shop – and to keep in mind when you’re in the market for your new home.

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