Upgrading your garden might be easier than you think...

Whether you’re a potential buyer, eager to add a personal touch to a new home, or a homeowner trying to sell, a well-maintained garden can make a remarkable difference. In this post, we'll walk you through 5 simple yet effective steps to transform your garden and get it ready for the Spring season.

2 Wedderburn Court, Inveresk, EH21 7TU

Why Garden Transformations Matter

Imagine walking into a property with an unkempt garden. Now, picture the same property, but with a beautiful, well-maintained garden. The difference is not just visual. A garden can significantly enhance your property's appeal and value. For potential buyers, a well-maintained garden signals a well-loved property. And for sellers, it can add a significant amount to your property's selling price. Garden transformations are not just about aesthetics; they're about value, appeal, and the impression they create.

Easy Steps to Transform Your Garden

Upgrading your garden doesn't have to be a daunting task. It's a process that can be both therapeutic and rewarding. Here's 3 tips to get you started:

  1. Regular maintenance and care: A garden is a living, breathing space. It needs regular care. Watering, weeding, and pruning are essential to keeping a garden healthy and beautiful.
  2. Choosing the right plants: But how do you decide? Start by considering the climate. Some plants might thrive better than others depending on the time of year. Visit a local nursery or do some online research.
  3. Implementing a design: Next, plan your garden layout. Where should the roses go? Where should the sunflowers stand? Think about where the sun shines at different times of the day and plant accordingly. A well-planned garden is not just beautiful; it's a space where plants grow and thrive.

Why a Well-Maintained Garden Increases Property Value

Generally, good landscaping can add up to 20% to a property's value. Not only that, but surveys have found that 70% of people would pay more for a property with an outdoor green space. It's not just about the added financial value; it's also about how quickly your property sells. A well-maintained garden enhances kerb appeal and gives potential buyers a favourable first impression, speeding up the sale process.

How To Maintaining Your Garden This Spring

Spring brings new life to your garden. If you're already happy with your garden, it's the perfect time to focus on maintenence. Here are some key things to focus on:

  • Start by clearing out any winter debris. Old leaves, fallen branches – get rid of them all.
  • Prune back any plants that need it. Pruning helps to increase the overall lifespan and performance of your plants.
  • Fertilize your soil. It's been a long winter, and your soil needs nutrients to support plant growth.
  • Keep an eye out for pests as the weather gets warmer. Early detection can save your garden a lot of troubles.

Our Garden Properties On The Market

Looking for a home with a garden already in place? We have several properties on the market featuring beautiful, well-maintained gardens. Take a look:

49 Dudley Avenue, Trinity, Edinburgh, EH6 4PL

3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and private rear garden.

Offers over £450,000.

42 Big Brigs Way, Newtongrange, EH22 4DG

 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4 public rooms, extensive front, side and back gardens.

Offers over £495,000.

2 Wedderburn Court, Inveresk, EH21 7TU

 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4 public rooms, mature sheltered garden and large terrace.

Offers over £950,000.

Fionngart 8 Douglas Road, Longniddry, EH32 0LE

 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 public rooms, front and rear garden. 

Offers over £595,000.

9 Stevenson Park, Longniddry, EH32 0PD

 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 3 public rooms, front and rear garden. 

Offers over £370,000.

16 Belmont Road, Juniper Green, Edinburgh, EH14 5DY

 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 private room, south facing private garden.

Offers over £190,000.

Each of these properties showcases the value and appeal a garden can add to a home. If you're interested in scheduling a viewing or learning more about these properties, please check out the listing on our website or call the team on 0131 603 7333.